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City Tour Zamora


- City Tour (2:30 hours)

Saint Martín Church (remains), Rua of Francos, Magdalena Church (inside), Tránsito Monastery (outside), Saint Ildefonso Church (inside), Troncoso viewpoint over Duero river, The Bishop Wall-door and The Treachery side door, Condes de Alba y Aliste Palace (outside) and The Viriato Sculpture, Saint María La Nueva Church (outside), Mayor Square croissing tower, optional inside: cloister, Tapestries collection, chapels, choir, altarpiece).

- Routes in province:
           San Pedro de la Nave Church
           Toro con Colegiata + visit original winery underground

- Museum: Holy Week Museum. An artistic representation of different scenes of the suffering of Christ from the Entry in Jerusalem to his death in the cross. see rates

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